Upcoming on March 16, 2024 - 8:30 PM - 11:30 PM

                                        Le Rivage

                                   340 West 46th St.

​                                            NYC

​An evening of great french cusine and American                            Songbook Jazz and Pop

My new Reggae record "Survival Kit" released on March 7, 2024 is now available for purchase at CDBaby and on all streaming platforms.


Louis Atlas is a songwriter, vocalist and musician living in New York City.  His musical journey has encompassed the musical genres of folk, rock, musical theatre, reggae and jazz. Louis has released four reggae records of his original songs: Beat of the Heart; Citizen of NYC; Arms of Heaven; and Coconut Dream.  In 2019, Coconut Dream received recognition from the Grammy nominating team in the categories of “Best New Artist”, “Record of the Year,” “Best Reggae Album” and “Best Engineering.”
His acting credits include the shows Grease, South Pacific, Damn Yankees and many more.

Louis’ musical journey marches on with his full immersion into jazz vocals, embracing his own individual take on jazz.  His jazz style is flavored with the many musical influences in his life.  Louis’ love for the American Songbook has inspired his performances of the classic jazz standards in the style of the greats of the past like Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Bobby Darin. 

 Louis’ vocal style is injected with optimism and love, communicating positivity and happiness to his audience in the universal language of music

Facebook: Louis Atlas Music

Instagram: louisatlas