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​​A night of Sinatra/American Songbook classics.  Great food, great jazz, great vibe.  See you there!  Tickets: patricksplaceharlem.com/events​


Although  most of my life I have lived in New York City, my soul took root in Jamaica.  I feel like I was born with Reggae music in my blood.  The  musical epiphany came suddenly and without warning.  One day I headed out to the beach, and began listening to Bob Marley’s record "Kaya."  After the first note, I was awestruck and just stood still in amazement.  I was hooked.  Knowledge, honesty, self-awareness and determination empowered me into the heart of the world of Reggae, inspiring my first four albums: "Beat of the Heart," "Citizen of NYC,"  "Arms of Heaven"  and "Coconut Dream," which received recognition from the Grammy nominating team. The journey continues with my fifth release, "Survival Kit,"  to be released in April 2022.  This record is a continuation of my musical evolution in the truest sense.  As my life reaches a crossroad, naturally so does my musical creations.  Thrilled and grateful to be alive.

So thankful and grateful that my record "Coconut Dream" received a first round Grammy® nomination

Sour Mouse - New York City

September 11, 2022

"Close your eyes and you think it's Sinatra"

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