For all the moments in my life, there has been a defining song playing in the background. Many moons ago, as a teenager in upstate New York, those iconic rock and roll tunes of the time electrified me into picking up my first guitar and strumming the strings until my fingers bled. Out of the blood, sweat, and tears rose the faintest melody of The Beatles’ “All I Wanna Do."  In the next scene, a young man arrives in New York City chasing that timeless Broadway dream. Standing on stage singing “Something’s Coming” from West Side Story, I knew I was home - a citizen of NYC through and through. Fast forward, a family man chilling out on the beach, the foreign sound of Bob Marley's "Easy Skankin” exploded in my ears and soul. In that moment, I was inspired to write and perform my own music. 
My life journey and musical journey are one and the same - a unique combination of experiences and genres. Through my music, I give you the beat of my heart, a piece of myself. “Arms of Heaven” is the next phase, a bridge between those moments of the past and the future - letting go, giving love, and making music


January 2017

"Arms of Heaven" release date: January 17, 2017.

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